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We safely ship live animals and supplies to a 30 mi radius from Lunenburg, MA.

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We have a vast selection of supplies for your pets. Cages, foods, toys, we have it all!

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We have lots of different exotic animals from Macaws to tropical fish, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

We currently only ship to a 30 mile radius from Lunenburg, MA. Our shipping fee varies from $10-$30 depending on the distance.

Yes! From English Parakeets to Lovebirds to Macaws, we have a very wide selection.

We currently do not sell dogs or cats. Although, we still sell dog & cat food and supplies!

Financing options are coming soon!

Lilo, our Macaw mascot, is based off a peach-faced lovebird named Lilly. Lilly is & was very dear to the heart of a family friend.

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