Reptile Treasures Temperature Control with Probe

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The Reptile Treasures Temp Control Terrarium Temperature Controller is an accurate and easy-to-set thermostat that's sure to keep your reptile warm. This controller helps to maintain a consistent temperature in a terrarium, and has been designed specifically with that purpose in mind. Three power outlets are connected, with functionality up to 1000 W of combined power connected. An accurate external probe measures the temperature in your terrarium, sending power to your heaters when the temperature should be higher and cutting them off when your desired temperature is reached. Crucial to caring for many reptiles is temperature consistency, preventing swings in climate that may be common without intervention. This unit eliminates temperature swings by providing constant control over your terrarium's heating system.

  • Easy-to-set and highly accurate thermostat
  • Designed from the ground up for terrarium use
  • Provides consistency of temperature for your pets
  • 3 power outlets, operating up to a combined 1000 W
  • External probe precisely monitors the temperature