Amazon Puffer Fish

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The Amazon Puffer, with its bright colors and a beautiful pattern, is one of the most sought after members of the puffer fish family!

The Amazon Puffer, also known as the South American Pufferfish (SAP), is a very popular member of the Tetraodontidae family of puffer fish. Although many puffers look cute and comical, most of them have a mean streak and will at least do some kind of damage to tank mates that are slow or that have long fins. The Amazon Puffer is the exception to this rule. It is a peaceful fish, almost to the point of being shy so they cannot be kept with aggressive tank mates. Even so it is a puffer and can nip fins, though usually just at feeding time.

The peaceful nature of this South American Freshwater Puffer, and the fact that it is one of the few puffers that naturally exists in pure freshwater makes, it a good choice for a community tank. Constantly on the move, this is an active, intelligent, and curious fish. They appreciate a well planted aquarium along with some open swimming space.