AquaTop Power Filter with U.V Sterilization


Size: PF 40 UV For Up To 40 Gallons

PF 15 UV For Aquariums up To 15 Gallons
PF 25 UV For up To 25 Gallons
PF 40 UV For Up To 40 Gallons
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Discover the ultimate filtration solution with AQUATOP PFUV-40 Hang On Filter with UV.


This compact yet powerful filter ensures impeccable water clarity by removing debris, impurities, and harmful bacteria.


The integrated UV sterilizer adds an extra layer of protection, promoting a healthier aquatic environment for your fish and plants.


Easy to install and operate, the AQUATOP PFUV-40 is a must-have for any aquarium enthusiast seeking efficient, hassle-free maintenance.


The AQUA TOP PFUV-40 Power Filter is capable of filtering up to 128 gallons per hour with an adjustable flow rate