Arcadia Reptile Halogen Heat Lamp 100w

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The Arcadia halogen heatspots represent a huge leap forward in the quest to find a source of light and heat that is controllable and is also eco-friendly. In the past reptile keepers have had to rely on old fashioned and expensive Tungsten lamps to provide heat and light with no UV into the enclosures in which their animals live. Tungsten is not an efficient source of Heat as light and heat are emitted all around the globe of the lamp. Another problem with Tungsten is that it relies on a fragile Tungsten filament resting in a cradle. Energy is passed through the filament which instantly reaches a localised high temperature. This in turn produces light. The main limitation is that every time The lamp is switched on or dimmed up and down through a thermostatic controller The filament wears a little. Over a short amount of time This wear and tear builds up and the lamp fails. Halogen is a very energy efficient source of light and heat. Typically a 50W Arcadia halogen heatspot will do the same job as a 100W Tungsten lamp. Halogen gases used in the capsule emit a very natural daylight colour light and vast amounts of heat to a good distance from lamp to basking area. These lamps do not rely on fragile Tungsten coils and so do not wear in the same way. The Arcadia heatspot also has a very thick internal metal reflector. This stops light and heat emissions from the sides and top of the the lamp, again This is making good use Of the energy that you are using. Halogen also reaches temperature much more quickly than Tungsten. These lamps will be on for less time as the target Temp is reached quicker!! In simple terms an Arcadia halogen heatspot will save you money on running costs and lamp changes. They are focusable onto the basking area which allows you to create a dedicated thermo-gradient. They are almost dimmer proof and will allow you to provide high and low level temps without excessively wearing through the filament. These lamps are ideal to be used.