Arcadia Reptile Reflector Clamp Lamp 5.5” 150w

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The Arcadia Reptile Reflector Clamp Lamp is a fully inclusive kit, containing everything you need to use Mercury vapour and Heat Lamps safely over an open table or fitted inside of a vivarium with the free vivarium fittings kit. The Arcadia Reptile reflector clamp lamp kit adheres to the very latest CE standards and includes a bolt through locking nut.



  • This stylish kit will help to protect lamps, animals and users.
  • It will both insulate and reflect heat lamps, making sure as much energy is pushing forwards as possible
  • It can also be used with UV-B compact lamps and can increase UV-B projection by up to 100% when compared to a non-reflected lamp.

    Includes: Lamp Holder Clamp, Multi-Directional Clamp With Rubber Grip Pads, Detachable Protective Mesh Cover, Vivarium Fixing Bracket, In-Line On/Off Switch