Australian Peacock Gudgeon Goby

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Often overlooked as a suitable option for a community aquarium, Peacock Gudgeons are stunning fish with distinct and fun personalities. They will add both beauty and life to your aquarium environment and you’ll enjoy developing relationships with them.  In addition, they are not difficult to care for (although they are, by all accounts, picky eaters.) They are peaceful fish that play well with others in the aquarium. 

Peacock Gudgeons are truly a joy to behold. With their vibrant coloration and signature peacock eye, these little fish really add sparkle and life to your aquarium community.

The body of the Peacock Gudgeon is a silvery blue with red lateral dots. As we mentioned, although they are sometimes referred to as gobies, they are not true gobies and do not have the fused pectoral fins that mark a genuine goby. Their bellies are colored in a mellow yellow hue, and you’ll see yellow on the edge of their fins. Females can be distinguished by the added black stripe on their fins. Of course, the aforementioned eyespot at the base of the tail fin is how the Peacock Gudgeon gets its name. In addition to the blackfin stripe in females and the forehead hump in the males, you can distinguish males and females by their length, with females being a little shorter than males. Females also develop an obvious yellow patch on the abdomen when they are preparing to spawn.