Bio Filter Balls Sm 100ct

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  • OUTSTANDING FILTRATION: Our biofilter balls are covered in spines to dramatically increase the surface area of each ball to nearly 2 square feet providing space for a massive number of beneficial bacteria to colonize. These good bacteria break down harmful organic waste. You will receive approximately 300 LARGE 1.5" bioballs in a 14"x20" mesh zippered bag.
  • TOUGH AND UNIQUE: Our large bio balls spherical shape and precise spine placement permits them to pack tightly into any shape or filter type without losing surface area. Molded from high density plastic, these bio media balls are lightweight but tough enough to keep their shape and will never degrade or wear out. This makes these heavy-duty bio balls perfect for pond filters for outdoor ponds or as a bio media for aquarium filter.
  • TRUSTED: Our bio filter balls are 100% polypropylene making them a safe reliable biological media for use as koi pond bio filter media, freshwater aquariums, and for saltwater fish tank bio media, aquaponics bio ball media, and much more. These biomedia balls can be used loose or in the mesh bag with plastic zipper.
  • SUPERIOR TO LAVA ROCK: Over time, porous lava rock becomes clogged with debris decreasing its surface area so that its ability to house and grow good beneficial bacteria plummets. Our bio balls’ uniquely spaced spines allow most debris to pass right through them. Lava rock has tiny pores which make it difficult to clean while bio balls in most applications never need cleaning. A bag of wet lava rock is many times heavier than our pond balls.
  • SPONGE FREE BIO MEDIA: A huge problem with other bio ball filter media is that they have a sponge in their centers to increase surface area, but sponge pores trap gunk that does not wash away. This trapped gunk reduces water quality. This problem is solved with our bio balls! How? They have a small solid center covered in spines that won’t trap gunk. You never have to suffer with poor water quality. Made in USA