Cobalt Aquatics Algae Grazers

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The sinking pellets fall quickly to the bottom of the tank and soften slowly.

  • Full of veggies and algae and high-quality protein sources like fish meal, krill meal and shrimp meal.
  • Specially designed for grazing fish like catfish and plecos.
  • Made in the USA.
  • A 2-year shelf life means less waste.

Give your scaly sidekicks the nutrition they need with the variety they love by dropping Cobalt Aquatics' Algae Grazers Fish Food in their tank. These sinking pellets are proudly made in the USA with a wholesome aquatic and plant-based ingredients like fish meal, spirulina algae, celery, spinach and carrots! Specially crafted for bottom feeding aquatic herbivores like plecos and other algae eaters, this fish food is designed to sink fast and soften slowly, giving your finned friends plenty of time to enjoy their meal. Cobalt Aquatics' Algae Grazers Fish Food is palatable, digestible, creates minimal tank waste and won’t cloud water!