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This breed of goldfish unlike all its relatives has elongated streamlined body shape. Their body is elongated, slender, and slightly flattened laterally. The body tapers towards the tail, giving them a torpedo-like form. Their body is covered in small, overlapping scales that offer protection and contribute to their shimmering appearance.

One of the distinctive features of comet goldfish is their long and flowing tail fin, that has to be equal at least ¾ of the body length. The tail is deeply forked and resembles a comet, hence the name “comet goldfish.” The tail can extend to impressive lengths and adds to their graceful appearance. In addition to the tail fin, comet goldfish have dorsal fins, pectoral fins, pelvic fins, and anal fins. Quite often such a long tail is accompanied with long pectoral and abdominal fins, that hang down like ribbons. These fins are generally proportional to their body size and help with stability, maneuvering, and propulsion.

The most common coloration of comet goldfish is a bright orange or red hue. However, they can also exhibit variations, including paler shades, yellow, and white. The coloration is often vibrant and can intensify with proper care and diet.


Comet goldfish have protruding, round eyes. Their eyes are located on the sides of their head, allowing for a wide field of vision. The eyes can be black or metallic in color, complementing their overall appearance.