Eheim Jäger Tru Temp Submersible Heater


Size: 5-7 Gallon 120V 25W

5-7 Gallon 120V 25W
7-16 Gallons 120V 50W
26-40 Gallon 120V 100W
53-79 Gallon 120V 150W
79-106 Gallon 120V 200W
106-159 Gallons 120V 250W
159-264 Gallons 120V 300W
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  • Helps you maintain an ideal temperature with detailed adjustments—from 18-34 degrees Celsius.
  • Fitted in a "jacket" made of special laboratory glass to increase the heating surface inside your tank.
  • Completely submersible, with a double suction cup holder for easy set-up.
  • Keeps a constant temperature, always holding your chosen level of heat.
  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater environments.

With the Jager thermostat and heater from Ehei,, you can help your aquarium maintain the perfect temperature. Equipped with precise control, simple recalibration and an easy-to-read control lamp, this top-tier thermometer helps you create a comfortable home for your finned family. Safely submerging in your tank, the Jager is built with an ultra-modern, unique design that encases the heating surface in laboratory glass—which helps it keep your aquarium's heat levels steady. It even has an automatic dry run shut-off, so you know your habitat is always safe, too! Whether you're looking to heat a 20-liter tank or your expansive 1000-liter aquarium, there's a range of sizes to choose from. This is also great for use with Aquatic Turtles, Aquatic Amphibians, and Invertebrates.