Fluker's Ceramic Clamp Lamp, 8.5-in

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  • Developed specifically for use with terrariums and other types of reptile habitats, these clamp lamps help to effectively provide reptiles and amphibians with the heat and light their bodies require.
  • Safety clamps easily attach to the rim of any habitat and is UL-listed, so it's perfect for reptiles that like to bask
  • Made with convenience in mind, these special reptile lamps can be utilized in a variety of locations and positions to best accommodate your desert or tropical terrarium.
  • Aides the regulation of your special cold-blooded companions, but also helps create and maintain a healthy environment for them
  • Heavy-duty, professional grade metal reflector 6' cord with polarized plug, ceramic socket and spring-loaded, swivel head clamp

Excellent accessory for your reptile's habitat for necessary light or heat. All lamps accept both regular and ceramic heat emitting lamps. Safety clamps easily attach to the rims of most terrariums.


HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS: Do not allow product to come in contact with carpet, draperies, or other flammable material. Do not use in wet conditions. Uncoil cord before using. Do not splice, repair or modify. Do not use in damaged condition. Do not exceed electrical ratings. Unplug when not in use. Fully insert plugs. Keep children away. For use above screen top reptile enclosures. Not for use inside any animal cage or enclosure. This is to protect the animal from burns and prevent risk of fire.