Fluker's Ultra-Deluxe Premium Heat Mat


Size: Mini

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  • MINI (fits in Miniature Terrariums) 
  • SMALL( FITS 10-20 Gallons)
  • MEDIUM (FITS 20-30 Gallons)


  • Safe for all reptiles and amphibians.
  • Easy to use and help keep your pet comfortable and healthy.
  • Operates at a constant 100°F temperature.
  • Durable construction provides uniform, evenly distributed heat.
  • May be used inside or outside terrariums.

Fluker’s Ultra-Deluxe Premium Heat Mat is the perfect solution for keeping your cold-blooded friend comfortable and healthy, reducing risk of digestive problems or infection caused by inadequate heat. This mat’s premium construction provides uniform, evenly distributed heat at a consistent, ideal 100°F temperature. And it works great under or on the side of your pet’s terrarium (side mounting recommended for enclosures with no bottom ventilation and/or thick or heavy substrate).