Galaxy Orange Spot Pleco

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As Panaque albomaculatus mature, the males will become territorial with each other, it is best to house a single male on its own. Provide hiding places in the tank as they are a nocturnal fish and are rarely seen in the daytime. They get their common name of orange spot pleco and mustard spot pleco for obvious reasons, they display beautiful markings of pronounced spots all over their bodies which makes them very appealing to many keepers.

The size of the spots can vary not only in the colour but also the size makes each specimen unique in its own right.

They can easily be kept in a community set up providing the aquarium is large enough for their needs and gives them plenty of room to swim around but as they mature they will become very territorial towards other bottom dwellers so it is advised to only keep one specimen unless there is plenty of room available.

Hiding places should be added to the aquarium by using rocks or wood and make sure that the water quality is kept high by a suitable filtration system and regular water changes.