Gold Dust Molly

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Mollies were first introduced to the hobby in 1899 and different varieties started appearing in 1920s.  Poecilia sphenops is also known as the “Common Molly”, this species of Molly is the smallest of the three species, males will only reach 3 inches while females will reach 4 inches. Wild forms are blue with yellow or red fins, however, they are very popular in the hobby, and as such, many color and fin varieties have been developed. The Gold Dust Molly is short-finned and is black and gold. To keep these fish in captivity, water pH should be between 7.0 and 7.8 and water temperature should range from 70ºF and 82ºF. The tank should have a gravel substrate, plants and open areas for swimming. They can be kept in community aquariums with other peaceful fish, however, different molly species shouldn’t be kept together to prevent hybridization. They should be kept in groups of 3 females and one male.