Golden Spotted Hoplo Cat

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The Albino Spotted Hoplo Catfish (Megalechis thoracata) is a medium-sized catfish species that is native throughout northern South America. It has been a very popular aquarium fish for many years due to its hardiness, generally peaceful nature, and attractive markings. It grows too large for the nano aquarium, but is an excellent candidate for the medium or large aquarium, especially Amazon-type setups with cichlids or tetras. This albino variety is rather uncommon and still displays a great deal of coloration!


The Albino Spotted Hoplo Catfish is a gregarious species, although it is also fine as a single specimen in an aquarium. It is somewhat reclusive and definitely requires ample hiding places in the form of driftwood, pipes, or other crevices. It will be more outgoing when kept in a group. Multiple specimens will sometimes wedge into the same refuge. This fish is not particularly territorial or aggressive, but like most catfish, it will prey on anything small enough to fit in its mouth, such as tiny fish, dwarf shrimp, and fry. It will not bother plants. It is not particularly sensitive, but it prefers fairly calm to moderate water flow. It does like to root around in the substrate in search of food, so its aquarium should be furnished with sand or fine, smooth gravel.