Higgins Vita Garden Rat & Mouse Food, 2.5 Lbs, Large

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Fiber is a key component of your pet rat or mouse's diet, but not all fiber sources are equally good for your rodent. Some fiber can actually contribute to gastrointestinal problems. Higgins Vita Garden is made with our proprietary Fiber-Biotic pellets that are scientifically formulated with a multi-fiber, nutritionally balanced approach for your pet rodent’s optimal health. Fiber-Biotic pellets are gluten-free and blend multiple, natural fiber sources beneficial to herbivores to support overall health, digestion and firmer stools. Vita Garden contains Hemicellulose Extract, a natural soluble fiber that is also a prebiotic source to support nutrient absorption and your rat or mouse's immune system. Vita Garden is also enriched with protected probiotics and plant-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids to support your mouse or rat's immunity.