Hikari Bio Pure Clam On a Half Shell 4oz

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Provide toothy aquarium carnivores maximum nutrition PLUS dental benefits. Hikari Bio-Pure Clam On A Half Shell makes a great meaty addition to the carnivore diet. Juicy freshwater clams include half shell to promote natural wear of teeth while aiding in the osmotic process in marine aquarium species. Hikari's signature 3-step sterilization process keeps Bio-Pure Clam On A Half Shell free of parasites, harmful bacteria and foul odor. Packed in pure water and processed through a special feezing process for superior quality that retains natural color, shape, and nutritional benefits. Hikari Bio-Pure Clam On A Half Shell is perfect for puffers, triggerfish, boxfish, and other fish species that can experience overgrown teeth without the aid of food items that help grind their teeth. Clam On A Half Shell each measures approximately 1 in diameter.