Leopard Clown Pleco L-147

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My L147 came to me in the spring of last year. I bought them from a friend that imported them as L124 from Colombia and when the 8 to 9 cm fish arrived he was disappointed because they were not what he expected and they didn't look so pretty either. As I grew them, they became to be more and more beautiful and changed in colour to be more rusty orange brown with large black dots covering the body and with small dots on the head; now they really looked like L147 "should".

There have been many discussions about what genus (and indeed sub-family) this group of plecos should belong too and after Jon Armbruster described Peckoltia sabaji (L301 but thus including L075 and L124) the genus Peckoltia should logically also be the home for L147. While that is my own opinion, I am not any expert on ichthyology so I leave this to the ones who know better this field. As they say, "I just breed them" and they don't look like "classic" Peckoltia. With this distinction to hand I can safely say they don't act as a Peckoltia and that they grow bigger than Peckoltia species. They are very often mixed and exported together with Clown Plecos (Panaque maccus) by mistake as I think they have the same origin as them; namely the border region between Colombia and Venezuela in the Orinoco basin and llanos.