Lixit Critter Space Pod Small Animal Hideout

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  • Unique, colorful space pod design adds the perfect nesting spot for your pet.
  • Perfect home for small animals such as mice, hamsters, and sugar gliders.
  • You can hang from the top of a wire cage or simply place on the cage floor.
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning so your pets' home will always be neat and tidy.
  • Comes in two different size options to ensure the perfect hideaway for your furry pet!

With the Lixit Critter Space Pod Small Animal Hideout, your little critter can burrow, nest, rest or just hang out. This out-of-this-world space pod is large enough for rats, baby ferrets and other small animals and can also be used for small, nesting birds. For creatures that prefer to be higher up, you can hang the Lixit Critter Space Pod from the top of their cage. Down-to-earth pets will enjoy nestling inside this small animal home when it’s turned upside down and placed on the cage floor.