Color: White Fischer's

Fischer's Lovebird
White Fischer's
Blue Mask Lovebird #05 DNA Male
Black Mask Lovebird
Blue Mask Lovebird #14 DNA Male
Blue Mask Lovebird #89 Male
Blue Mask Lovebird #42 DNA Male
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Lovebirds are (5 to 7 in) in length, up to 24 cm in wingspan with 9 cm for a single wing and 40 to 60 g (1+12 to 2 oz) in weight. They are among the smallest parrots, characterised by a stocky build, a short blunt tail, and a relatively large, sharp beak. Wildtype lovebirds are mostly green with a variety of colors on their upper body, depending on the species. The Fischer's lovebird, black-cheeked lovebird, and the masked lovebird have a prominent white ring around their eyes.

White Fischer's lovebird, Blue Mask lovebird, Peachface Lovebird, Hybrid Fischer Lovebird, Fischer's Lovebird, White Fischer Lovebird, Fischer Pied Lovebird.