Marineland Ceramic Filter Rings

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growth of beneficial, ammonia-reducing bacteria and effective biological filtration of your tank.

  • Fits all Marineland C-Series and Magniflow Canister Filters
  • Porous surface area allows growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Supports biological filtration for clean, healthy aquarium water

Ceramic Filter Rings make up Part 3 of your Marineland Canister Filters filtration cycle. This bio media is compatible with Rite-Size S, T, and X filter compartments.


  • Start up: Remove from packaging. Rinse in room temperature tap water and drain. Place in media container.
  • Maintenance: Gently rinse in established aquarium water monthly. Replace only if damaged or if accumulated dirt on surfaces cannot be rinsed away. Never replace more than half of the ceramic rings within a 3 month period.