Marshall Brightening Formula Shampoo for Ferrets, 8-oz bottle

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Marshall Brightening Formula Shampoo for Ferrets gives your ferret a deep clean that helps keep him smelling fresh with a brighter coat. Even though ferrets have their own regular grooming routine, occasional baths are still beneficial. This gentle shampoo not only gets your ferret clean, but also enhances his coat and gives it a brilliant shine by using optical brighteners to amplify its sheen. It's pH balanced especially for ferrets, so it’s safe for your pet and won't strip away natural body oils that regular shampoo would. It’s great for all coat colors and provides gentle yet effective cleansing as it nourishes and brightens your pet’s coat.

Key Benefits

  • Specifically pH balanced for ferrets with the gentlest natural cleaning system available
  • Formulated by ferret experts this product contains optical brighteners that enhance your ferret’s coat sheen
  • Gentle formulation also protects your ferret’s sensitive skin
  • Great for all coat colors, albino to dark sable
  • When used regularly, this shampoo will gentle clean your ferret’s coat leaving it soft and glossy, without stripping essential body oils