Needle Nose Gaar

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The Needle Nose Gar originates from the rivers, slack waters and ponds of Asia. They are a very long and slender fish that is mostly silver in color. Because of their body shape, they are able to produce very quick bursts of speed when in pursuit of prey. They have a very slender mouth that is filled with numerous small razor-like teeth.

A 70-gallon or larger aquarium that is well established is ideal for this species. Provide the Needle Nose Gar with a gravel substrate and plenty of rock for structure. There should be plenty of open swimming areas. A vicious predator, the Needle Nose Gar should only be housed with other more aggressive predacious fish of similar size. A tight fitting canopy is a must for this species, as they can generate great speeds and easily jump out of the aquarium.

The breeding habits of this species are unknown, as the Needle Nose Gar has yet to be spawned in the home aquarium.

The Needle Nose Gar is a carnivore and should be fed a variety of live foods such as small fish and crustaceans. Caution needs to be exercised when feeding these fish, as they will readily bite the hand that feeds it.