Penn Plax Air Tech Aquarium Air Pump


Size: 2K4 65 Gallon

2KO 8 Gallon
2K1 10 Gallon
2K2 20 Gallon
2K3 30 Gallon
2K4 65 Gallon
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PENN-PLAX presents the impressively quiet line of Air-Tech Aquarium Air Pumps.
The AT2K0 model quietly aerates and oxygenates fish tanks up to 7 gallons in size.
It comes equipped with a single outlet that accepts standard 3/16” airline tubing.
It also provides constant air flow, and is safe for both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks.

Quiet and Reliable:
In addition to featuring a rubber armature and silicone polymer flappers,
our Air-Tech Aquarium Air Pumps include rubberized feet and thick plastic covers that help dampen noise even further!
These features result in one of the quietest lines of aquarium air pumps on the market.

Please Read Directions:
For optimal performance and longevity, please read and follow included directions.
Always have a drip loop or safety check valve, and never place air pump into water.