Penn Plax Lok Tite

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Lok-Tite Air Control Valves allow you to independently manage air flow from your existing air pump(s) to multiple devices in your aquarium. Simply connect your air lines, adjust the air control levers and you are ready to go. Each valve is operated using a lever that provides for easy adjustment to provide just the right amount of air to your air stones, ornaments or other aerating accessories. The barbed connections insure that your lines stay connected and the anti-syphoning feature protects your valuable air pumps. Each valve has two input/output connections so you can use your multi-output air pump, add a second pump, or run two or more valve sets in series to control all your air needs. Each valve is made of a durable plastic that will never corrode and comes with an adjustable mount to quickly fit almost any tank. Safe for both fresh and salt water environments, Lok-Tite Air Regulator Valves are an easy way to organize and manage the air flow to all your aerators, air stones, decorations and all your aquarium air needs .