Peter's Woven Grass Small Animal Mat, Brown

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  • Natural woven grass is the perfect accessory for rabbits, guinea pigs and most other small animals.
  • When used in cages, the comforting woven fibers protect tiny paws from the wire cage bottom.
  • Safe for small animals to chew, it occupies your companion's jaws.
  • Provides a safe source of fiber and other nutrients, adding to your pet's regular diet.
  • Can be used inside your cage or wherever her regular play space is.

You'd probably think it was strange if your bed was edible, but for your small animal, it's the dream. She'll love to curl up on a Woven Grass Mat from Marshall Pets. This natural, knitted grass is made of Chinese Timothy Hay and specifically designed for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals to lie down and munch. While her daily food is likely packed with a full range of nutrients, adding hay to the mix will boost your buddy with additional fiber and the other goodies she needs to stay happy and healthy. Use it inside your small animal's cage, or in her regular play area. Either way, your little one will have a fur-rrific time.