Prevue Hendrix Small Bird Cage 12''x9''x16''

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Prevue Pet Products Assorted 8 pack bird cages feature a pull-out tray for easy cleaning and are available in a variety of styles and colors. These cages include two plastic cups, two plastic perches and are designed for parakeets, canaries and other small birds. Cage measures 12? long, 9? wide, and 16 Inch high with 3/8 Inch wire spacing. This Item is sold as a eight- pack assorted carton. Warnings: Inspect the product periodically and remove from use if it becomes worn or damaged. Includes: 2 Perches, 2 Cups, Grille and Tray. Cleaning: Wash cage regularly with a mild soap, warm water and Prevues non-abrasive #109 Cage Scrubber. Dry thoroughly. Do not dry tray in the sun, as it can warp.