Punctatus Cory Cat

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This Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish species was the very first Corydoras to be described. It’s certainly one of 4 very similarly-patterned corys that are regularly confused and can typically be seen in shops beneath incorrect names.

Corydoras julii, C. leopardus, C. punctatus and C. trilineatus all share a big black blotch within the dorsal fin, a barred caudal fin, and often a horizontal stripe alongside the physique on the juncture of the dorsal and ventral lateral plates; the physique is noticed.

Nonetheless, all these species are extremely variable of their sample, and the horizontal stripe could also be absent in C. julii and all the time absent within the topic species.

Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish is uncommon within the pastime. In its lighter variant, it bears a really shut similarity to C. julii; each has a noticed sample on the top and physique, and like some types of C. julii, this species has no lateral stripe alongside the physique.

The spots of the Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish are bigger and extra quite a few on fish that happen over darkish substrates (mud) in comparison with these over sandy substrates.

The 2 connected pictures illustrate each of these variations. Additionally like C. julii, this species is considerably smaller and extra compact-looking in measurement than C. trilineatus.

The aquarium ought to be well-planted with items of bogwood, a darkish substrate (small gravel or sand, offered its smooth-edged) with some open areas.