Red Sevrum

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Red Spotted Severum or Golden Red Spot Severum (Heros Efasciatus) are a favorite for aquarium hobbyist, spawning from the South America regions of Northern Brazil Basin and Guyana. They grow enough to act as centerpieces and they come in a variety of color patterns. They are a golden yellow color and develop small red spots throughout their bodies as they mature, and can reach up to 8″ inches in size. It pays to be patient as juvenile fish may not be able to breed until 2 years and males won’t show the best colors for up the three years of age.

Red Spotted Severum or Golden Red Spot Severum are typically peaceful, though aggression will surface if pairs form. They will also be good tankmates for medium schooling fish, South American cichlids, catfish, or small Plecos in a 75 gallon or larger tank.