SeaChem Prime Water Conditioner


Size: 8.5 oz

8.5 oz
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Prime is the complete and concentrated conditioner for both fresh and salt water. Prime¦ removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. Prime¦ converts ammonia into a safe, non-toxic form that is readily removed by the tank's biofilter. Prime¦ may be used during tank cycling to alleviate ammonia/nitrite toxicity. Prime¦ detoxifies nitrite and nitrate, allowing the biofilter to more efficiently remove them. Prime¦ also promotes the production and regeneration of the natural slime coat. Prime¦ is non-acidic and will not impact pH. Prime¦ will not overactivate skimmers. Use at start-up and whenever adding or replacing water. DIRECTIONS: Use 1 capful (5 mL) for each 200 L (50 gallons*) of new water. For smaller doses, please note each cap thread is approx. 1 mL). (Note: The 2 & 4 L container's cap is 10 mL). This dose removes approximately 0.6 mg/L ammonia, 3 mg/L chloramine, or 4 mg/L chlorine. May be added to aquarium directly, but better if added to new water first. If adding directly to aquarium, base dose on aquarium volume. Sulfur odor is normal. For exceptionally high chloramine concentrations, a double dose may be used safely. To detoxify nitrite in an emergency, up to 5 times normal dose may be used. If temperature is > 30 ­C (86 ­F) and chlorine or ammonia levels are low, use a half dose. Treats 10000 L (2645 US Gallons).