Botia & Loaches


Style: Hillstream Loach

Skunk Botia
Stratia Botia
Polka Dot Kubotia Botia 3"
Yo-Yo Botia
Lochata Botia (Tiger Loach)
Hillstream Loach
Red Tail Blue Passion Botia
Yellow Tail Passion Botia
Kuhli Loach
Ornate Tiger Sand Loach
Banded Red Tailed Loach
Borneo Sucker Loach
Polka Dot Sand Loach Small
Tri-Band Sumo Loach
Moose Face Loach
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Botia is a genus of freshwater fish in the loach family.

It was a large genus with about 20 species. In 2004 Maurice Kottelat proposed in his paper to divide the genus into four related genera based on fish appearance and locality: Botia for Indian loaches. Chromobotia for clown loach. Syncrossus for tiger loaches.