Spotted Puffer Fish

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The Green Spotted Puffer has unique demands and requires special care. Their speckled yellow-green backs make them appealing for home tanks, and their distinct mannerisms set them apart from almost any other fish you’ve ever had. Green Spotted Puffers are an excellent example of why it’s vital to do your research before bringing a new aquarium fish home. Failure to do so in this scenario may result in the death of your puffer and possibly all of the other fish in your tank. 

The green spotted puffer has an uncanny resemblance with the frog and leopard. If a part of this fish is hidden and the back exposed, one may confuse it with a frog of a strange kind. Well, these are some of the marvels of Mother Nature worth exploring. At least this gives one reason to keep puffer fish in an aquarium.

This guide will help you realize if the Green Spotted Puffer Fish is a suitable addition to your tank.