Tetra Community 3-in-1 Select-A-Food

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The ultimate fish feast! And it all comes in a super snazzy canister with multiple chambers and an easy-to-use dispenser top.

  • - This food is perfect for both top and mid feeding fish, so everyone gets a chance to chow down.
  • - With a nutritionally balanced blend of staple flake food, tasty shrimp treats, and granules packed with essential vitamins and minerals, your fish will be living their best life.
  • - Variety is the spice of life, even for fish! Give your aquatic pals some much-needed variety in their diet with this awesome combo pack.
  • - Our Active Life Formula takes complete nutrition to the next level, providing even more benefits for your finned friends.
  • - Say goodbye to boring meals - this versatile product provides healthy variety and endless feeding fun all in one package!
  • - Plus, at 2.4 oz., this canister contains plenty of food to keep your fish happy and healthy for weeks to come.