Tetra JumboMin Large Floating Sticks

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Floating foodsticks for all large fish, especially cichlids. With stabilized vitamin C.

  • - Hearty diet for large, top feeding cichlids like firemouths and convicts, as well as other medium and large, fresh water and marine fish
  • - CICHLID FORMULATION: Floating sticks for use as a staple food for medium and large top water-feeding cichlids, including firemouths and convicts
  • - FLOATING STICKS: Scientifically developed, protein-rich cichlid food - natural color enhancer works to bring out the color of your fish
  • - FOR DAILY FEEDING: Nutritionally balanced diet - promotes vitality and enhances fish's natural beauty
  • - PROCARE FORMULA: Helps support fish's immune system for optimal health and long life
  • - PROMOTES CLEAR WATER: Highly digestible sticks minimize waste for clear water