Tetrafauna Aquatic Reptile Aquarium Heater, 100-watt

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  • Helps keep water at a constant temperature of 78 degrees for frogs, newts and turtles.
  • 100-watt heater is compact and completely submersible.
  • Designed with a cover to help keep your pet safe.
  • Features an 8-foot cord that can be placed in any direction.
  • Comes with two oversized suction cups to help keep the heater securely in place.

Help keep your sidekicks’ home cozy and comfortable with Tetrafauna’s Aquatic Reptile Aquarium Heater! This automatic thermostat is designed to maintain a water temperature of 78 degrees for pets like frogs, newts and turtles. It’s compact, completely submersible and comes with an 8-foot cord that can be set up in any direction, allowing you to customize it to fit your terrarium. And to help ensure the heater stays secure and your little one stays safe, it comes with two large suction cups for maximum hold and a cover for protection! Tetrafauna’s Aquatic Reptile Aquarium Heater delivers 100-watts and is ideal for heating aquariums that hold up to 30 gallons of water.