Red Honey Dwarf Gourami

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Honey Gourami are great for those new to aquarium keeping for their peaceful nature, and adaptiveness to water chemistry. A member of the Osphronemidae family. Their colourings also provide nice distinction in your tank.

Insects and invertebrates become prey to this peaceful fish. They will also accept dried products, but their diet needs to include plenty of live and frozen foods. Things like bloodworms with ensure an optimal colouring. Be considerate when choosing tankmates for Honey Gourami. They are slow-moving and are easy to intimidate out of food by larger, or more vigorous tankmates. When introduced to a tank, they will be shy and timid. But, in the right environment, and with a good community, they can become comfortable. Once they relax, males can start showing their colourings. Honey Gourami are not outgoing and will hide to feel safe.

They are not schooling fish. But, will benefit a great deal from other Honey Gourami companions. Be wary of putting males together. They can show aggression toward each other. So, are best kept apart, unless the tank is large enough to accommodate multiple territories. In the wild, you can find Honey Gourami, in rivers and lakes. Providing cover is necessary, planted tanks and decorations will do the trick. Driftwood and leaf litters would also be beneficial additions in their environment.