Zilla Decor Rapid Sense Poplar Reptile Skull Medium

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Proper UV exposure is imperative to the health and wellness of reptiles. This decor features hidden photochromic paint sections to help alert you to replace UV lights. The large décor features a recessed feeding dish with a UV activated surface underneath that is visible when the feeding cup is removed, the smaller décor features this UV activated surface on the underside of the décor. The surface will change color depending on the output of the UV lighting and will prompt you to change your bulbs as the UVB output decreases with use. The décor piece will also feature Fluorescent paint details that will add color when exposed to black light, adding another unique element to this décor. Decor is available in a Crocodile Skull and Poplar Log design, which will also provide a spot of privacy/security for your animal to retreat to.