Zoo Med Lizard Ladder

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  • Keeps your pal busy and exercised with a soft nylon, multidimensional climbing mesh.
  • Attaches to the back or sides of your terrarium with convenient suction cups to provide an easily accessible climbing gym.
  • Provides much needed exercise, enrichment and stress relief from being in captivity.
  • Accommodates multiple lizards and is easy to remove when you need to clean the terrarium.
  • Easy and quick to install out of the package and is proudly made in the USA.

Keep your pal busy and fit with his own exercise jungle gym with the Zoo Med Lizard Ladder. This terrarium accessory is made with a soft nylon mesh and attaches to the back wall or sides of the terrarium, giving your pal more areas to climb. It’s a great way to add a multi-dimensional climbing space to your pal’s home and is easy and quick to install in any terrarium with the convenient suction cups. Your pal will love climbing on it throughout the day, providing exercise and stress relief from being in captivity. And when it’s clean up time, it’s easy to take out and add back in once everything is squeaky clean. Plus, it’s perfect for multiple lizards and is proudly made in the USA.