Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Snake Terrarium Kit

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Create a comfortable habitat for your snake with the Zoo Med
ReptiHabitat Snake Kit. This kit includes everything you need to
give your scaly friend a proper home, including lighting and
heat lamps, a thermometer to maintain temperature, Aspen bedding,
and Reptisafe Water Conditioner. A screen top covering provides
easy access to the habitat and keeps your reptile safely inside.

    • Includes Deep Dome Clamp Lamp w/ 100-watt Daylight Blue Lamp to
      provide light and heat

    • ReptiTherm UTH Heater, and thermometer maintain

    • Contains an 8-qt bag of Aspen bedding to furnish habitat

    • Med. Habba Hut and reptile plastic plant add to the decor

    • Water dish inside

    • Free ReptiSafe Water Conditioner and Reptile Care Guide


NOTE: NOT ALL of the items shown in the corresponding photos are included with this product.